CRAB Inspection report

CRAB analysis was a core resource during the Keogh Review, providing a detailed picture of the quality of care within the 14 organisations.

C-Ci is also producing prototype reports for the Care Quality Commission. Now, we are pleased to offer a similar service directly to NHS Trusts.

Using a bulk download of data from your Trust, we can provide detailed analysis down to individual consultant and patient level.

An Inspection report is ideal for Trusts that need to show improvements in patient care,
or as a means of demonstrating excellence, bench marked internationally.

It is also a useful due diligence tool, when a Trust is considering a merger or acquisition.

Understand, demonstrate or respond: CRAB allows you to see the whole picture.


An Inspection report baselines quality in the Trust in a very granular way,
highlighting any hidden problem areas that would not otherwise appear in HSMR or SHMI.

This is your chance to analyse performance and be able to respond to any questions that are raised,
and show a plan for improvement.


Understand of the strong and weak points in care delivery across the organisation.


Demonstrate where good patient care exists.


Rapid response to questions over quality of care from regulators or third parties.

Early warning

Identify clinical weaknesses before they escalate.


Prepare a plan for remediation, in order to satisfy regulators and stakeholders.

Due diligence

Effective due diligence of target organisations.

Defending reputation

Although the move towards transparency in the quality of patient care is welcome, often the true picture of quality within an organisation cannot be ascertained from SHMI or HSMR.

County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust was identified as having a higher than expected mortality ratio. If the Trust did not respond to the allegations, its reputation as a top-quality provider of health services would have suffered.

However, to investigate and disprove such allegations would normally require significant resources in terms of money and management time.

CRAB analysis of 24 months of hospital coding data showed that, when the case mix of patients treated was taken into account, the Trust’s performance was excellent.

The Trust was able to successfully rebut the allegations and restore its reputation for quality patient care. This was achieved without a lengthy and costly investigation.

CRAB also allowed Management to get a detailed view of the individual performance of the Trust’s two acute hospitals, which had previously not been possible.

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