A true picture of the quality of obstetric care

The incidence of newborn deaths in England is higher than some of our European peers and a large portion of the budget for maternity services in the NHS is spent on medical negligence cover1.

At the same time, maternity claims represent the highest value and second highest number of clinical negligence claims reported to the NHS Litigation Authority (NHSLA)2

The maternity dashboard which was co-designed with a professor of obstetrics, uses CRAB's innovative risk adjustment methodology to measure and analyse the important quality indicators in intrapartum care.

The results provide a true picture of the quality of obstetric care in your unit.


CRAB's innovative risk adjustment methodology can get to the root cause of problems, saving lives and money.

Quality measurement

Measure quality indicators that are relevant to intra-partum care.

Risk adjustment

CRAB’s methodology fairly presents the performance of maternity units.

Meaningful analysis

Compare the quality of care in different organisations and across the country.

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1. The Independent, 8 November 2013: "NHS spends £700 insuring each birth against negligence claims"

2. 2. NHSLitigation Authority, October 2012: "Ten Years of Maternity Claims"(PDF)

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