Case Study – Defending Difficult Work

An NHS Trust was able to exonerate a clinician who had come under suspicion following external mortality analysis.


With increasing focus on safety and considerable media scrutiny around specific cases, there is an increased requirement for Trusts to have a solid fact base to demonstrate performance at a detailed level in short timeframes.

In one case, a Trust had been required to suspend a consultant, pending a HealthCare Commission investigation of an alleged high mortality rate.


CRAB enabled the Trust to drill down from a poor quality result all the way to individual case data and investigate the cause of the problem.

The technology was used to profile individual patients, to determine the risk of complications and therefore risk level from planned procedures.

A CRAB report was produced within 48 hours.


The report demonstrated beyond doubt that the consultant was consistently very competent, but responsible for treating a very difficult tertiary case mix.

The Trust was able to reinstate the suspended consultant.

The ability to reinstate immediately avoided significant cost to the Trust as well as avoiding long-term damage to the individual's reputation and career.

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