Developed by clinicians, for clinicians

IT in Healthcare can be a contentious subject with some clinicians cynical or mistrustful of IT systems which affect their practice.

CRAB is a solution designed by clinicians, for clinicians, with the aim of providing information relating to clinical outcomes that will improve the quality of clinical care.

CRAB is completely tailored to local circumstances and it is essential during the implementation process to engage with clinicians and clinical teams to help you to use the tool to its full potential.

We believe that clinicians should be empowered to take on higher risk cases, without fear of damage to their reputation. This is only possible in an environment where clinical risks are properly identified and taken into account when assessing clinical performance.


CRAB is a solution designed by clinicians, for clinicians, with the aim of improving the information
relating to clinical outcomes and thus the quality of clinical care.

Risk analysis

CRAB uses a pioneering methodology that has been developed over three decades, and is unique in calculating the risk for every patient as an individual, rather than making blunt assumptions based on national statistics.

The patient-level analysis is more granular, going beyond HRG-level coding and producing immediate root cause analysis data without the need to review patients’ notes.


Case-mix adjustment

CRAB provides full clinical case-mix adjustment using 18 research-based clinical variables to calculate the specific risk of every patient.

As a result, mortality predictions have been shown to be up to four times more accurate than statistical models that use the Charlson index as a loose adjustment for risk.

With such analysis available, surgeons should not be penalised for taking on complex and high-risk cases, simply because their unadjusted outcomes show higher mortality.


Support for patient optimisation

When the CRAB risk methodology is used as a pre-operative tool (see COMPASS), the information can be used to support patient optimisation, to improve surgical outcomes.


Defend reputations

The case study to the right shows how CRAB can help clinicians that take on high-risk cases to defend their performance.


Improved coding

CRAB generates monthly or annual summary reports for individuals, teams and the board. Clinicians often highlight instances of incorrect coding after reviewing their own data.

These errors are reviewed by a Benchmarking group, who can instruct the coding department to make changes and improvements.

In this way, common issues, such as incorrect procedure dates or attribution, or wrongly coded complications (e.g. issues that were actually present on admission) are reduced.


Performance appraisal

CRAB provides an automated way of capturing data for practice audit, research and peer review, as well as automatically compiled, evidence-based portfolios for appraisals and revalidation.

Clinicians often spend days compiling information for annual performance reviews. With CRAB, the information is all right there in the system, collected in real-time.


More Informed patient discussions

Compass is the only pre-operative risk assessment tool to predict the risk of death and complication, as well as providing risk scores for potential complications.

This enables clinicians to have more informed discussions with patients and their families, potentially leading to reduced complaints and litigation.


Objective framework for HDU classification

The use of Compass as a pre-admission tool enables clinicians to plan the post-operative care that is most likely to be needed.

With HDU and ITU beds in short supply, Compass provides an objective framework for deciding which patients receive higher levels of care, reducing conflict among clinical teams.

Alison Diamond, Medical Director, Nothern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust“CRAB has provided data for the consultants to really understand their outcomes for patients in a user friendly way.”
Alison Diamond, Medical Director, Nothern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust
Per Svedmark, Senior Consultant, Karolinska Hospital, Stockholm“CRAB is 100% better than any solution available to us at the moment. It has turned out to be a very useful tool in analysing and understanding our case-mix and where our complications are occurring.”
Per Svedmark, Senior Consultant, Karolinska Hospital, Stockholm
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