Unique benefits across the whole organisation

Although CRAB has its roots in surgical audit, the breadth and quality of information now provided means that the benefits are relevant to a wider audience than simply clinical staff.

CRAB analysis can be tailored for use by senior management and hospital executives to gain an independent view of the quality of care across multiple sites.

Care commissioners can use in-depth CRAB analysis as a more relevant alternative to the published SHMI and HSMR data.

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CRAB is designed by and for clinicians,
using data they trust.

Management team

Gain a new insight into the
quality of care in your organisation


Evaluate care delivery
across a range of organisations.


CRAB provides a fair, representative system for monitoring and demonstrating the quality of patient care.

CRAB enables quality measurement via a web-based system that uses the hospital’s own coding data.

Case-mix adjustment

Calculate the risk profile for every patient as an individual using 18 clinical variables.

Root cause analysis

Produce immediate root cause analysis data without the need to review patients' notes.

Organisational analysis

Review the delivery of care across multiple sites.

More informed mortality and morbidity

Objective analysis of risks and outcomes informs mortality and morbidity reviews.

Improved coding

Better analysis and benchmarking enables clinicians to review coding.

Automated data capture

Capture data for practice audit, research and peer review, appraisals and revalidation.

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